Saturday, March 1, 2014

Scouting update 2

 I finally have finished all the required merit badges for becoming an eagle scout. I'm glad to be back at the point I was before the end of 2013. Since I found out through an e-mail that if I didn't get all the requirements for becoming an eagle scout before 2013, then I would have to do the cooking merit badge which I finished today. 
 Other than getting all the required eagle scout merit badges, I was supposed to have had some scout leader meeting that I found out about while doing the eagle scout application papers, since that dreadful January day I've gotten that part taken care of also. 
 Now I just need to finish the eagle scout application papers, and get them turned in. I hope to get back to writing Rufus in Teralupis as the free time I've used for writing has been nonexistent for the last 4 months or so,  due to the amount of free time I have, I only have time to either, draw, write, or blog, and I've been using it just for drawing. Check out DArHook  to see what I mean. I'm only 3-4 drawings away from completing The Adventures of Molly Art video that I've been working on since June 2013   

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