Saturday, August 17, 2013

Progress on Rufus in Terralupis Rough Draft

I've been working on Rufus in Terralupis and now I'm almost finished with chapter 2. Once I do this, then the next thing that will happen is that chapter 1 will have an update to go with what I now have, to the word doc for this e-book and that will go onto wattpad and goodreads.  Chapter 3 will come along with a possibility for a 4th chapter, itf needs be for a better ending than The Adventures of Molly as the intro of book two should have been part the ending in that book. Up until that point the longest thing I've ever written was an essay. Also when I finish the A.o.M art video, the thing next  is adding more charters to the cover. and a piece of cover art for Reviews by Justyn my latest online project. After that Art wise will come from my Pinterest Board : Things that inspire me.
About 43% finished

Saturday, August 10, 2013

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