This Blog is all about my book updates, art updates, and basically anything that is keeping me from updating my books. I enjoy writing animal  Fantasy/ Sci-Fi Adventure Stories, and drawing animals, mostly dogs. The book series I'm working on now is called the Brindle Stories.

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  1. Hi Justyn,

    I'm a reporter for the East Oregonian and one of my jobs is to write stories for the Lifestyles section of the paper, where we feature people in Hermiston with interesting hobbies, crafts, interests, etc. I stumbled across your blog and thought it would be fun to interview you about your blogging/tweeting/Facebooking/writing about your dog Molly. I'm hoping to get it done before this weekend (Oct. 12) so I'll try reaching out to you a couple more places too and hopefully we can get an interview set up for this week.


    Jade McDowell
    Reporter, East Oregonian


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