Sunday, September 1, 2013

Progress on Rufus in Terralupis Rough Draft update 1

I have finished the Rough draft for Chapter 2 in Rufus in Teralupis, and have started the outline for Chapter 3. This is a preview of what the book will soon look like :
Dogs and the Trio are transported to Teralupis, and find Rufus knocked out while the dogs are trapped. We go back in time before everything went bad for Rufus, he  gains new company, goes to save family and princess, they are only able to save a Rufus's brother. They fly away and get chased and attacked, Rufus gets knocked off his ride and falls to his doom. Almost killed wakes up finding  the trio in front of him, tells the story of what happen to him. While doing this the only dog that managed not to be captured interrupts Rufus and after he finishes his story, they go to free the dogs
This is just a summary of what I have planned so for what will be in the updated story.
For Chapter 3, what I got so far is after the group saves the other dogs and everyone at the hairless one's death camp. Now at 200 strong they go back to Farmadile after armoring up

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