Monday, July 15, 2013

Camp Fife 2013

I went to Camp Fife scout camp from July 8-13
July 8
I had a fun time at camp. To start off, I enjoy camping out in the woods because I come from Hermiston, OR where it's desert unlike Camp Fife. I saw a bird nest and a chipmunk. They ran out of bacon for seconds :( at breakfast. I'm taking the Astronomy, Emergency Prep, Orienteering and Weather Merit Bage classes.
The Camp fire was cool! All the skits took place in Baconlandia my favorite parts were the two "fat" guys that made nursery rhymes blow up, the Quack Magican, and the "if I wasn't a camper" song.
July 9
For Lunch the Mac and cheese with ham was really good. In the Weather Merit Bage class we made weather vanes. I finally saw a swallowtail butterfly
I went to the trading post, got some stuff to help me in the Astronomy Merit Bage. Dinner was O.K., one of my favorite things about camp Fife is Jello with whipped cream.  
Boulder Cave

the water fall
July 10
Today has been fun !For adventure day I got to bend metal.We got to go to Boulder Cave, while  there I saw a chipmunk and a squirrel. The water fall is cool ! I love wildlife. Swallowtail butterflies seem to be common here at Camp Fife. Everyone had a fun time around the fire, at the astronomy outing was great. Had to draw the big dipper and look for constellations. I finished the outline of my 2nd chapter.
Bumping Lake

  July 11

This Morning there was a Polar bear plunge at 
Bumping Lake. So far the pool has been colder than the lake water. Seconds on bacon is great :) I did a lot of drawing today. Cloudy nights don't work so well for Binoculars. Also there was an extreme version of  hide and go seek called staff hunt. All the scouts went to find the staff and whoever caught one would gain their troop points or lose points.
 July 12
I finished two of my Merit Bages, we had fun at the camp wide games, at the campfire my troop did a skit where zombies come to eat some people the 1st person get eaten. The zombies go to the 2nd person, tells them he has swag. So the zombies didn't eat him because he was brainless. It was also my birthday today.

We came back from scout camp on the 13th.  

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